Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Cant Want It!

So that day old garbage that wasn't dumped smacks you in the face upon entering the room... "GROSS!" immediately leaves your lips and your hands are tying GLAD bags closed faster than you can spell Northern Sanitation, or maybe not. But factually, the nose has a predisposition to the smell of collected waste as it does similarly to spoiled food, rotten milk, etc.

Our olfactory sensors began to develop a preference for scents based on an association past experience has taught us. The smell of hospital, for example, is associated with being in pain or sick, thus it is not a preferred one. Similarly, the aroma of certain foods will be pleasant, reminding us of the agreeable experience our taste buds and stomachs felt. Association of scents also works a different way. When one scent that is preferred is present and a following scent that is impartial to the nose, the second scent will become preferred in its association to the first pleasant scent.

This is why we prefer the scent of a rose, over say.. that of a skunk. Skunk sprayed tomato baths are probably not preferable memories for anyone!

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